Just Breath

Good Morning y’all!

I’ve been facing the challenge of just being able to breath the last few weeks. I don’t think most people know all the ways anxiety can affect the body and even after dealing with it for nearly 10 years now there’s still new affects it has on me at times.

I’ve been having relationship issues the last 3 weeks which has put a lot of stress on me mentally. Anxiety already makes us overthink every possible scenario and lots of times makes us assume the worst and the last 3 weeks all I have been able to do is focus on everything negative that has happened in my past and is has made me build this massive wall to push someone I love away because I’m afraid of getting hurt.

While doing that I have not only been hurting my relationship but also hurting myself, making my anxiety worse, and forgetting how to breath. I know most people think breathing is an automatic response the body just does and for the most part it is. When you have severe anxiety and your body is under lots of stress it’s almost like a constant state of panic attack. We are trying to calm ourselves down by taking deep breaths and excessive breathing creates a low level of carbon dioxide in your blood resulting in hyperventilation.

I find myself feeling like I need to yawn constantly to get a full deep breath to satisfy my body but as I was researching why I kept doing this I found out that I was making it worse because I was consuming to much oxygen making the carbon dioxide levels low in my blood and making breathing harder because it was making me hyperventilate. So I started watching the way I was breathing and when I felt the need to take that deep breath or make myself yawn I resisted the urge as much as possible and just let my body do it’s normal breathing soon the urge for that deep yawn would subside.

The brain is a powerful force and sometimes we need to be strong! Remember we are still in control of the struggles we are facing and to JUST BREATH (but not to much lol)!!

P.S. I love taking pictures so I will try to share pictures I have taken on each post I make.

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