Ladies Night

Last night I had a much needed night with “the girls”. I have been beyond blessed with a handful of girls who have been there for years and supported me through all of my ups and downs.

We had a pure romance party with food and wine at my friend Lori’s house. There were 8 ladies including myself. The best part about the pure romance parties… no men are allowed ever!! So it’s a true night with only ladies getting to express ourselves and learn to lean on each other and love ourselves a little more.

I’m not a big drinker but with the last few weeks being pure hell in my relationship, I walked in with every intention of not being able to walk in a straight line when I left. A couple hours, drinks, dildo demonstrations, and laughs later my mission was accomplished!

It’s not about how big your circle is it’s about the quality not the quantity. They made sure I got home safely and even checked on me today to make sure I was okay. I ended up calling out of work, which I never do because of being so hungover and not being able to sleep once I got home.

Friends are so very important. I honestly couldn’t make it through this life without the few ladies I have by my side. No matter how bad my anxiety is, how many times I feel like I’m going to die, how many guys I kick to the curb, or how many crazy shenanigans I come up with they are right by my side. I want to thank them for supporting me, telling me the honest truth when I don’t want to hear it and still being there when I’m wrong and they get to say I told you so. That’s what real friends do!

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