We Remember

18 years ago and it still haunts us. We remember one of the most tragic events in American History today.

We always use the phrase where were you on September 11, 2001? I believe most of us who were old enough to remember do still remember. I was at high school in English class. (I wish I had paid more attention back then so I could be a better blogger today haha!)

I remember how it felt like all of the American people came together that day, that month, and the months after. It would be amazing if we could have a world like that without a tragic event happening.

I am still so thankful for all of the emergency workers that braved and risked their lives that day. Yes, so many lives were lost but if it hadn’t been for them it would have been even more.

Last year I took my kids to the 9/11 memorial and museum. I had been a few years back before the museum was open. We were all in shock at how much was recovered from the wreckage. What an eye opening and incredible museum. I wish we had all day to stay there and read and look at everything. We will have to make another trip back someday. If you have never been I highly recommend taking a trip. It is worth every penny.

I would also like to remind everyone no matter what your beliefs are that happened that day, it was still a terrible tragedy for the American people and many families. Please be respectful today and take time to remember.

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