Making Memories

Today most everyone has some kind of social media. It is great in so many ways and not in others but I do love keeping up with my family that lives away and my favorite part is the memories it shows me from “X” amount of years ago.

I didn’t realize how much things have changed in as little as three years. This morning a picture of me decorating the Christmas tree with my kids popped up. They looked so little. How in three years did they grow to be so mature and nearly adults?! Who knew going from 14 to 17 and 10 to 13 would be such a huge difference.

I wish I knew then what I knew now. Wish I had cherished the times even more then I did. I wanna go back and hold them a little more and let them know life isn’t always perfect but together we will always get through things.

If you still have small kids don’t rush them to grow up, let them be kids a little while longer. Takes lots of pictures, give lots of hugs and I love yous. You will look back in a few years and it will all be a memory. One you never want to forget.

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